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IRI Marketing Summit 2013

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Jan 03, 2013 :: IRI Webinar Recap: Women and Retirement
IRI’s Women and Retirement Webinar featuring Lynne Ford, Executive Vice President of Calvert Distributors, Inc., and Cathy Weatherford, President and CEO of IRI, is now available online.

Dec 18, 2012 :: Prudential Financial: Should Americans Be Insuring Their Retirement Income
This paper explores the advantages of insuring retirement income, just as you insure other valuable assets. It examines the financial risks today’s retirees face, and provides a case study on the potential impact of leaving funds for retirement unprotected.

Nov 26, 2012 :: Vanguard: Revisiting the 4% Spending Rule
An updated Vanguard research paper reexamines the assumptions of the "4% spending rule" in the context of the current investment environment and in light of cost and risk considerations for today's retirees. The authors conclude that a 4% spending goal may still be a reasonable starting point for investors who follow a total-return spending approach.

Nov 08, 2012 :: Lord Abbett: Economic Insights: Time Heals U.S. Equities’ Wounds
It is a sad fact of financial life investors often chases performance. They give up on disappointing asset classes, and sell out taking substantial losses, in order to buy into more recent winners, after they have made a good part of their ultimate gains. This well-established historical pattern points to a coming enthusiasm about equities.

Members Only News and Advocacy
Jan 14, 2013 :: January 14, 2013 Government Affairs Update
GAO Releases Report on Study of Annuities with Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawals, Transitions Continue in President’s Cabinet

Jan 10, 2013 :: IRI: GLWBs and CDAs Help Ensure Retirees Do Not Outlive Assets
The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) released the following statement from IRI President and CEO Cathy Weatherford regarding a report on guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits and contingent deferred annuities that was released yesterday by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Jan 07, 2013 :: January 7, 2012 Government Affairs Update
Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Compromise, Fiscal Cliff Deal Removes Limits on Roth Conversions, Moody’s Calls on Congress to Do More on Fiscal Issues, Another Cliff--Lawmakers Begin Debt Ceiling Debate, Michigan Enacts NAIC Annuity Suitability Model

Dec 17, 2012 :: IRI Releases State of the Industry Report
The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) today released a new report providing a 2013 outlook for the insured retirement industry.